Spotlight on: Adelle Barnett, Learn Away

Tell us a bit about your role and how it supports the business?

I started Learn Away in 2018 with a focus on providing bespoke tour programmes for groups of junior students. The Learn Away team has grown since 2018 but my role remains hands on in all aspects of the company, as well as the strategic future planning.

What has been your career highlight to date?

The heart-warming feedback from students, schools and operators is what motivates me and the Learn Away team.

The industry recognition of what Learn Away has achieved is a highlight. Learn Away was shortlisted for the Best New Start Up at the Lead 5050 Women in Education awards and I was shortlisted in the Rising Star category at the 2019 British Youth Travel Awards.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The support and advice to be brave, believe in myself and start Learn Away. After over 10 years in an established educational tour operator it was a big leap but one I have never regretted, and I am thankful to all those who offered advice and continue to do so.

Where is your favourite place to travel to?

Spain. I read languages at university and fell in love with Spain whilst studying there. Being fluent in Spanish helped embed me in the culture and lifestyle, which I love. I can’t wait to take my daughter who was born in April there next year.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our industry, what is the one thing that you have learnt personally or professionally during this time?

To take each day as it comes. In an ever-changing situation, the importance of being an expert, adapting and keeping customers up to date has been key. This has meant all our 2020 groups have postponed to 2021 rather than cancel.

As we head towards recovery what do you think the challenges and opportunities are for our sector?

There is a great opportunity for tour operators to show the benefit of booking with a specialist, rather than DIY tours. We all offer great support to the consumer through our knowledge and expertise.

Confidence in travel is a challenge but Covid-19 has taught us all to do the things we love, and I know from student, school and agent feedback that our tours are incredible, unforgettable experiences.

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Published 03 October 2020