St. Christopher’s Inns Barcelona wins HOSCARs award

St. Christopher’s Inns Barcelona wins HOSCARs award

St Christophers Barcelona, Spain has been crowned winner of ‘The Eco Warrior’ award in Hostelworld’s 21 st annual HOSCARs for its outstanding sustainability efforts

As travellers across the world dust off their backpacks and gear up for new adventure, Hostelworld, the leading platform for hostel travel, announces St Christophers Barcelona, Spain as a winner of one of its annual HOSCAR awards.

For 20 years, the HOSCARs (Hostelworld Customer Annual Ratings) have awarded hostels from all four corners of the globe for their outstanding contributions to the world of travel. In 2023, the HOSCARs are honouring hostels that have done extraordinary things across 5 categories: ‘The People Person’, ‘The Digital Nomad’, ‘The New Hostel on the Block’, ‘The Eco Warrior’ and ‘The Community Champion’.

For over half (53%) of Hostelworld customers, sustainability plays a key part in their decision of how and where they travel in 2023. This year, Hostelworld is honouring hostels that go the extra mile to protect the planet with its ‘The Eco Warrior’ HOSCAR category. We are excited to announce that St Christophers Barcelona, Spain, has been crowned the winner of ‘The Eco- Warrior’ HOSCAR award, standing out for its passion for protecting the planet. Their sustainable commitment is truly admirable, from installing solar panels, and efforts to save water and energy, to their steps to reduce plastic and food waste. This hostel is a sustainable travellers dream!

Fabrizio Giulio, Chief Supply Officer at Hostelworld, said:

2023 not only marks a strong return to hostel travel, but 20 years of celebrating the world’s best hostels with our HOSCAR awards. I would like to offer my congratulations to St Christophers Barcelona for their well-deserved win of ‘The Eco Warrior’ HOSCAR award. Sustainability is a key priority for travellers in 2023, and St Christophers Barcelona goes above and beyond to help eco-conscious explorers protect the planet during their stay.  
This year’s HOSCAR winners are a true reflection of the extraordinary work of our hostel partners across a range of categories, each offering an accommodation experience that goes beyond than just a place to sleep.

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Published 01 June 2023