STA raising awareness of mental health & wellbeing

STA Travel Education have launched a nationwide campaign, #EducationForAll in a bid to raise awareness of students’ mental health & wellbeing

STA Travel Education are sending students from Children’s Hospital School Leicester on a sponsored educational trip to breakdown the stigma that surrounds mental health in students.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of issues that sit within teachers control and very real problems that students face on a daily basis. Working with experts, STA Travel Education aim to deliver advice to our teachers and help those in the industry cope with the modern pressures of teaching. This campaign will not only give students from Children’s Hospital School Leicester the opportunity to step outside of the classroom environment, the wider campaign will see experts giving advice on how every teacher can help their students on a daily basis.

We spoke to director, Ellen Rayner, about the exciting campaign they’re running.

“No funny business, we’re just passionate about inspiring every student, regardless of their background, mental health or ethnicity.”

“We’ve been partnering with local and nationwide charities to ensure that we can reach as many students and teachers as possible. This isn’t about making the difference at one school, it’s about changing the stigma”

STA Travel Education have risen to educational fame as a member of the School Travel Forum (STF). Some serious noise is being made around the company, which works with local schools right through to the big red-bricks.

To go hand in hand with its STF accreditation, STA Travel Education has recently been awarded a LOtC badge for its efforts in encouraging students to go beyond the classroom.

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Use the hashtag #EducationForAll to get involved

Find out more about STA Travel Education here