Stay Campus London announces new partnership & programme to portfolio

London-based English language school Stay Campus London has announced details of a new partnership with FSG Academy and simultaneously launched a new Esports Talent programme, aimed at students wanting to enter the fast-growing digital world of esports.

The new course launched in December and Mariana Ulanowicz, Director at Stay Campus London, and the accommodation arm of The Stay Club said:

“Our mission at Stay Campus London is to change students’ idea of studying languages, helping their personal, academic and professional growth.”

Esports is a digital phenomenon growing into a billion-dollar industry by 2019 captivating millions of youths worldwide today. Our Esports Talent Programme in partnership with FSG Academy is the first ever program focusing on career development in esports taught by one of the leading experts in this field of profession – Toby Dawson. Our goal is to deliver an unforgettable experience for students worldwide presenting them with the opportunity for new cultural discovery, English improvement & equipping them with the best skills for their onward esports journey.

Toby Dawson, world renowned esports commentator and Esports Talent Programme instructor said:

“This is a unique program sharing my 15 years of professional experience which presents students with exciting career paths in esports most people wouldn’t know existed or the skills required to be successful.”

The programme consists of 20 hours of the Esports Talent, with the option of a further 15 hours of English plus culture – including two walking tours. The programme aims to give students hands-on experience-based learning that is designed to strengthen skills and understanding of what it takes to be a world class talent both on and off the camera. 

As well as extensive English and esports tuition, the new course will also offer a variety of social activities for students. Mariana said:

“We run this innovative course in our London campuses where students have on-site accommodation, catering and amazing social events, creating an all-inclusive experience for them. We are excited to see the positive reaction of our partners who want to offer something different, innovative to their students.”

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