Only 3% of Students Have Cancelled Travel as a Result of Terrorist Attacks

StudentUniverse, the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth, today unveiled the impact that terrorism has had on the travel plans of students in the US and the UK, and how sentiments were impacted immediately following a terrorist incident. This analysis is based on a recent student survey as well as a review of booking trends to destinations impacted by terrorist incidents over the last several years.

Survey Findings from UK Students Post-Terrorist Incident

When we examined responses from UK students to these same questions in the days immediately following the London Bridge attack (June 2, 2017), some interesting trends emerged:

  • Likelihood of Canceling a Trip. No respondents said they would be likely to cancel, or would definitely cancel, a trip to a destination that was victim to a terror attack or incident (compared to 11% of the general UK survey respondents). The number of respondents that said they would definitely not cancel was at 15% (compared to 11% of the general UK survey respondents).
  • Safety. The respondents who said they felt “neither more or less safe” to visit a destination that had been victim to a recent terrorist attack increased from 31% to almost half (46%) of respondents.

The Impact of Bookings on Nine Cities Impacted by Terror Attacks

When we looked at our booking data, we saw that many destinations did not see any impact on bookings in either the week or the month following a terrorist incident. For a few others, the bookings were impacted in the week following the incident, but rebounded and were up in the month following the incident.

Following are a look at bookings week over week (WoW) in the week after the incident and month over month (MoM) in the month after the incident in nine cities impacted by terrorism over the last several years:

  • Boston, up 67% WoW; up 26% MoM
  • Sydney, up 38% WoW; up 63% MoM
  • Paris, flat WoW; up 27% MoM
  • Brussels, down 84% WoW; up 2% month over MoM
  • Tel Aviv, up 22% WoW; up 12% MoM
  • Nice, up 267% WoW; up 87% MoM
  • Berlin, down 14% WoW; up 51% MoM
  • London, up 19% WoW; down 14% MoM
  • St. Petersburg, down 75% WoW; down 87% MoM

“Students are less likely to cancel their travel plans because of world events than other travelers might be. These students are often embarking on once-in-a-lifetime experiences—from backpacking adventures to Gap Years to semesters abroad—and refuse to give up their opportunity to have these travel experiences,” said Mike Cleary, global managing director, StudentUniverse. “While we certainly encourage students to be vigilant and heed all government travel warnings, we are happy to see students forging ahead with their global adventures.”

Source : Business Wire