The Green Sheen

How to authentically create sustainable travel experiences
We have all heard of the term ‘green washing’ giving consumers false impressions on how environmentally friendly a company’s product may be, but how can we really avoid this?
87% of global travellers think that sustainable travel is vital and 61% say that the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. How can we turn this intent into impactful action, whilst being authentic and responsible? During this session we will hear from a panel of industry leaders, creating products, programmes and business environments that are a force for good responding to questions like:
  • Can green labels change purchasing decisions?
  • Should we all be purchasing carbon offsets or encouraging the sales of carbon offsets to our consumers?
  • How can we each take carbon out of our operations?
  • Are the Sustainable Development Goals able to drive change in travel, tourism and business in general and how can we accurately measure the impact?

Session Moderator

Introducing the panel