Fireside Chat with Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons is one of the UK’s most exciting young entrepreneurs. He is CEO of The Youth Group – the UK’s Chief Youth Officer. He is a leader, and philanthropist whose mission is to “knock down doors for others to walk through”.

The Youth Group was founded in 2019 and by 2021 it was listed in the Top 100 startups in the UK, having already impacted the lives of over 90,000 young people.

The team have a deep understanding of the challenges young people face and are currently focussed on creating skills, jobs and opportunities for our Gen Z audience.

Jack recognises the importance of youth mobility as a way to expand young people’s horizons, and the social and cultural benefits that it can deliver and we are thrilled to have him as part of our exciting summit programme.

Find out more about Jack and The Youth Group here

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