One full day of panels, keynotes and discussions all focussed around youth, student & educational travel

Industry trends & forecasts

Reimagining the future of youth, student and educational travel 
The past two years have had an enormous impact on the entire travel and tourism industry.  Even youth and student travellers, always hailed as the most resilient of all segments, were grounded. From this, pockets of opportunities were created – being more local and exploring on your doorstep, domestic staycations, loving where you live and of course online escapism and planning. 
But with the world now opening up and restrictions being relaxed across the globe, we discuss what the future looks like for youth, student and educational travel. What the global forecasts, challenges and opportunities are and how quickly we can get back to 2019 levels! more

Gen Z and the Metaverse

The next level in digital and social engagement 

The metaverse is having its moment, we have all heard of it, but what actually is it, what can it do and why should marketeers stand up and take notice? 
Recently we have seen museums, galleries and attractions using XR technology to engage with a new audience. Accommodation providers, using it to create a ‘try before you buy’ principle using virtual room tours. But what about education, will educators spend less on books and invest in VR headsets? Will tour operators step away from producing brochures and focus on immersive content to sell their next tour or experience? or is it more than this… more 

Brand Building on a Budget

Connecting with your customers through creative content at scale

Building a brand is expensive! Content production is time consuming! We can’t measure sales in reach!

In this session, we tackle these common misconceptions and more by looking at how best to connect your brand with the notoriously fickle, social media dwelling, but incredibly lucrative youth & student community more 


Fireside Chat with Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons one of the UK’s most exciting young entrepreneurs. He is CEO of The Youth Group – the UK’s Chief Youth Officer. He is a leader, and philanthropist whose mission is to “knock down doors for others to walk through”.

The Youth Group was founded in 2019 and by 2021 it was listed in the Top 100 startups in the UK, having already impacted the lives of over 90,000 young people more 

The Green Sheen

How to authentically create sustainable travel experiences
We have all heard of the term ‘green washing’ giving consumers false impressions on how environmentally friendly a company’s product may be, but how can we really avoid this?
87% of global travellers think that sustainable travel is vital and 61% say that the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. How can we turn this intent into impactful action, whilst being authentic and responsible? more 

Founders 30

A fireside chat with Dick Porter
A leader in the international youth and student travel industry. Dick spent most of his career as CEO of STA Travel before stepping down in 2011.  Dick has really seen it all, navigating a business through numerous global disruptions, from 9/11 to the financial crash in 2008. 
Dick was part of the founding board of BETA in 2003, sitting to this day as Honorary President. He is also founding Chair of The Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and provides leadership and mentorship to many businesses and individuals more

Be part of the conversation

Calling all speakers 

We are looking for industry experts, thought leaders, disruptors and innovators to share their knowledge, case studies and ideas that can help to set the future pathway for our industry. 

Read the speaker slide deck here and if you have a case study, story, or data that can engage and inspire, get in touch!