The Youth and Student Travel Summit where youth, student and educational travel businesses come together to discuss and debate the latest industry insights and trends and to meet, network and trade

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with industry experts, exchange ideas and gain valuable knowledge. Plus a half day of 1:1 business appointments with hosted buyers from China and Europe.

Hosted Buyer 1:1 Meetings 

Working with our partners we will bring a group of hosted buyers from Europe and China to the Summit to take part in one-to-one business meetings, plus a wrap-around programme of site visits in Manchester, London and Liverpool. Up to 14 business appointments will be available across the afternoon, plus lots of time for networking in between.

Navigating China’s Dynamic Youth & Education Market

This seminar session will delve into the ever-evolving youth and student industry in China, providing valuable insights into the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges. China’s youth and student market represents a dynamic force that significantly influences various sectors, including education, technology, entertainment, and consumer goods. By understanding the unique characteristics and preferences of this demographic, businesses and organisations can effectively tap into this market and drive growth. This session aims to equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate China’s youth and student industry successfully more


What Teachers Really Want: An Insider’s Guide to Talking to Teachers

Whether you’re responsible for planning field trips, developing summer camps, designing educational programmes, or already offering a school group product, this session is tailor-made to help you bridge the gap between your offerings and teachers’ perspectives. By getting an insight into the minds of teachers to understand their expectations, you’ll create a competitive advantage, provide great customer service designed for teachers and keep those schools coming back year after year. Our panellists will provide tried and tested tools, knowledge and anecdotes to boost your school offering to an A* more



Embracing Sustainability: The Pathway to Net Zero

Our panel will share their own experiences and challenges about embarking on the journey to achieving net-zero and/or B Corp certification, aiming to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to drive meaningful change and align your operations with the principles of sustainability and responsible business practices more


Democratising Marketing: Harnessing the Power of AI 

Exploring the dynamic intersection of marketing, technology, and consumer engagement. Discover how cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, specifically Chat GPT,  are reshaping the marketing landscape. Learn how to leverage the two to captivate your target audience, amplify your brand, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape more


Be part of the conversation

Calling all speakers 

We are looking for industry experts, thought leaders, disruptors and innovators to share their knowledge, case studies and ideas that can help to set the future pathway for our industry. 

Read the speaker slide deck here and if you have a case study, story, or data that can engage and inspire, get in touch!