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Reimagining the Future of Youth & Educational Travel 

The past two years have had an enormous impact on the entire travel and tourism industry.  Even youth and student travellers, always hailed as the most resilient of all segments, were grounded. From this, pockets of opportunities were created – being more local and exploring on your doorstep, domestic staycations, loving where you live and of course online escapism and planning. 
But with the world now opening up and restrictions being relaxed across the globe, we discuss what the future looks like for youth, student and educational travel. What the global forecasts, challenges and opportunities are and how quickly we can get back to 2019 levels!
As part of this session, we’ll be presenting the results of our latest industry white paper – What really matters – delivered in partnership with University of Edinburgh Business School and designed and sponsored by Hype Collective. 
What really matters will be the third installment of our consumer study, tracking what motivates young people to travel. All attending delegates will receive a FREE copy of this study to assist their future marketing to this valuable audience.
We’ll also be hearing from an expert panel of seasoned industry and youth travel specialists who will share their views on what lies ahead. Tackling subjects like:
  • Global recovery forecasts for youth & educational travel 
  • Building back whilst planning for uncertainty
  • What future travel or educational experiences are Gen Z looking for? 
  • How organisations are adapting in order to thrive post covid

Session Moderator

Introducing the panel