Jinghui (Josh) Li, the Founder/CEO of You Mei Camp Education (YMCE Group), is a luminary in the field of camp education, standing as a paradigm of excellence in the domain. As the Ambassador of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) in China, he has not only demonstrated profound expertise but also holds a distinguished
academic background. Mr. Li holds dual bachelor's degrees in Economics and Literature from Peking University, complemented by a Master's degree in Management and a Doctorate in Education from the same prestigious institution.

With over a decade of experience in orchestrating and managing summer camps, Mr. Li’s visionary leadership has left an indelible mark on the
landscape of camp education. He is also the driving force behind the inception of the China Camp Alliance Education Development Center, where he serves as the co-founder and vice-chairman. Furthermore, his contributions extend to roles such as Vice President of the Youth Sports Camp Division of the National Sports School Federation, Vice Director of the Youth Committee of the Chinese Mountaineering Association, and Vice President of the Youth Camp Division within the China Tourism Association. His multifaceted contributions and academic achievements make him an outstanding luminary in the realm of camp education.







Navigating China’s Dynamic Youth Market from an Education Perspective

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