Frank Wu is the Director of International Investment and Strategic Partnership at TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL), one of the largest education groups in China. Frank got his Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School with concentration of education policy. As a passionate education innovation researcher and advocate, Frank has extensive experience and insights in education policies and industries. He has been in TAL for more than 6 years, actively building bridge between China and the world in education through strategic partnerships, investments and research. He also co-founded TAL’s first overseas campus, led the content marketing team and has personally taught millions of students with online education. At Harvard, he co-chaired the Harvard China Education Symposium. Before that, he founded a non-profit education program for rural migrant workers when he was an economics major student at Renmin University of China, and also served as an education policy advocate at 21st Century Education Research Institute.









Navigating China’s Dynamic Youth Market from an Education Perspective