We are very proud members of BETA and see our membership as crucial to our business recovery plans. The efforts that BETA has made to lobby government and apply pressure to the powers that be are testament to their importance within our sector. We need effective representation particularly now after the pandemic and the disastrous […]

Bayswater Education

BETA truly represents the interests of the youth travel industry. From informing members of the latest updates to creating business opportunities. I would highly recommend membership to anyone in the sector looking to network and thrive. James Herbertson, Director

TASIS England

BETA has significantly raised the profile of our international education programmes at home and overseas, extended our networks online and offline and has been a gem of knowledge and reliable advice during the pandemic. Mary Biddlecombe, Executive Director, Recruitment and Relationship Management

Anglophiles Academic

The value of BETA membership has really stood out in this past year. Throughout the pandemic BETA has been by our side, offering support and regular updates. No other trade association has offered us the same level of service and I am very thankful to the dedicated team in supporting members towards recovery. Jean Philippe […]

Learn Away

Being a member of BETA provides a sense of community and support particularly in these difficult times. The information that BETA shares and the work they do for the sector in lobbying parliament provides us with an important voice. Adelle Barnett, Director