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Members Testimonials

BETA exists solely to represent the needs of our members. We operate a dedicated full time secretariat to serve and support our growing network of members. Hear more from members on why they value their membership. If you are keen to find out more, please get in touch

Being a member of BETA provides a sense of community and support particularly in these difficult times. The information that BETA shares and the work they do for the sector in lobbying parliament provides us with an important voice. Adelle Barnett, Director

The value of BETA membership has really stood out in this past year. Throughout the pandemic BETA has been by our side, offering support and regular updates. No other trade association has offered us the same level of service and I am very thankful to the dedicated team in supporting members towards recovery. Jean Philippe Morris, Managing Director

BETA has significantly raised the profile of our international education programmes at home and overseas, extended our networks online and offline and has been a gem of knowledge and reliable advice during the pandemic. Mary Biddlecombe, Executive Director, Recruitment and Relationship Management

BETA truly represents the interests of the youth travel industry. From informing members of the latest updates to creating business opportunities. I would highly recommend membership to anyone in the sector looking to network and thrive. James Herbertson, Director

We are very proud members of BETA and see our membership as crucial to our business recovery plans. The efforts that BETA has made to lobby government and apply pressure to the powers that be are testament to their importance within our sector. We need effective representation particularly now after the pandemic and the disastrous effect that Covid-19 has had on our industry Rick Smith, Head of Education and School Travel

Being a member of BETA has helped our organisation to increase business and grow our network within the youth travel industry through attendance at their in person and online networking and workshop events. Debbie Lilly, Business Development & Sales Manager

BETA has been very supportive to our organisation during the pandemic, providing timely information and webinars around a whole host of topics. Although we faced a lot of pressure to cut costs, our membership of BETA provided really good value for money and helped us to keep in touch with the wider industry. Philip Cabra Netherton, Managing Director

As new members we have found the association to be extremely helpful for our business. Their virtual conferences have given us the opportunity to meet with ideal customers from all over the world in an affordable way. We’ve met some incredible people already, and look forward to continuing to develop new relationships through BETA’s network for many years to come. Zach Taylor, Global Sales

BETA is a fantastic association to be a part of.  Always providing extremely useful updates, statistics and data to allow us to continuously keep our student travel insurance policies fit for purpose. Membership also gives us the ability to keep in touch with our partners through regular events and activities and to learn from one another as we settle onto the road to recovery. Toby Harris, Partnership Development Manager

BETA has helped us grow our network within the educational travel industry in a range of niches which we otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of. They have also provided valuable trading and training events, along with up-to-date, relevant information throughout the pandemic, leading us to feel thoroughly supported by BETA. Ryan Cronin, Operations Manager

An Association is only as good as the Team running it! I have been actively involved in educational travel for over 35 years and during that time I have been a member of numerous industry associations. Consequently, I am well placed to comment on what makes a good Association and BETA definitely qualifies with flying colours. As a very satisfied BETA member, I have no hesitation in recommending membership to any organisation involved with student, youth and educational travel in the UK Tony Evans, Director

BETA provides its members the opportunity to connect with existing partners and industry associates throughout the world. I feel like I belong to a community of individuals that have the same passion as I do and understand the importance of educational travel. They offer an increased awareness of growing trends in the youth and student travel industry. Terri Hamilton, Travel Coordinator/Bursar

BETA is a unique association in that it encompasses members from every sector of youth travel. Membership of BETA offers the perfect combination of marketing opportunities; such as the Youth Travel Workshop, networking events, access to market intelligence, training and regular ongoing support from the Secretariat, which has been invaluable in these difficult times. It is great to be a member of an association which is made up of such talented people, from a wide variety of industries within the youth travel sector Michele da Silva, Director

BETA has been an integral path of Anglo Educational Services growth over the last decade. Through formal and informal events, AES has been able to grow its partnerships in the UK and further afield. The last 12 months have been challenging and BETA has been the focal point for information, resources and support for our sector. Steve Lowy, CEO

This time of volatility and damaging risk is going to generate opportunity for those agile and aware. BETA is a key centre of longer term strategic awareness of where the industry is going and therefore an important element in having a chance as a future winner. Dick Porter, Honorary President, BETA