Together by is now digital! 

Originally just face-to-face, we have officially launched a digital volunteering option too!

If you are a university student and would like to connect with a member of your local care home community (whether in university city or home city) then enter your details in the form. Digital volunteering will take the form of sharing emails to become a digital pen friend for your Together buddy.

Together by is an initiative set-up to provide an opportunity for students and care home residents across the UK to connect and combat loneliness in local communities.

Together enables the two age groups to create friendships and build networks outside of their accommodation, and was initially launched in 2019 as a direct response to research statistics showing that 70% of students experience loneliness at university. In 2020, all students that book via will be eligible to take part in the initiative. 

If you are a student and want to sign-up, please fill out the application form.

Find out more about BETA Member here