Minister vows to support BETA’s efforts to raise the profile of youth travel

On 28th June 2018, BETA and 150 distinguished guests hosted a parliamentary reception with Tourism Minister Michael Ellis to highlight the importance of the youth, student and educational travel sector, to and from the UK

The occasion also marked the 15th anniversary since the association’s formation and was hosted by Baroness Warwick, an avid youth travel supporter and former CEO of Universities UK.  The group were also delighted to be joined by many other MP’s, Peers and influencers from the travel, tourism and education sectors.

Providing the keynote address at the event was Tourism Minister Michael Ellis who agreed that the considerable contribution from youth travelers could be more widely acknowledged.

He added “I recognise its economic and socio-economic importance and this is something that we very much want to support.

Young people are the first to unlock new trends to create new ways of living different ways of doing things that can stimulate shifts in the cultural discourse.  Showing his support for the sector the Minister added

Young people continue to redefine certain aspects of global travel and we ignore that at our peril – and I for one have no intention of ignoring it.

Through BETA’s vision the UK offers these types of young consumers a dazzling array of exciting and rewarding opportunities. BETA Members are driving economic value but also enhancing social value within local communities.

I am looking forward to exploring approaches to driving a wider acknowledgement of the significance of youth, student and educational travel.  Working to together we can further amplify the sterling achievements consistently delivered by BETA and its members.”

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