Travel Aware summer campaign

Travel Aware summer campaign

The FCDO Travel Aware campaign aims to reduce the number of preventable incidents involving British Nationals (BNs) overseas which require consular assistance. It is an established, “always on” campaign that encourages BNs to take up specific behaviours which makes it less likely they’ll have issues overseas. The campaign has run since 2014, with up weighted activity during key travel periods

Summer 2023 is forecast to be a strong, consistent season for overseas travel by BNs – and so presents a prime opportunity for the FCDO and travel industry partners to communicate travel advice to the public.

As well as ongoing (BAU) messaging around checking Travel Advice and signing up to email alerts, the Travel Aware summer campaign has two distinct strands:

  • Travel Insurance – aimed at all travellers to ensure they have appropriate insurance that covers them for the entirety of their trip
  • Youth Safety – aimed at 16-30 year-olds travelling to southern Europe, asking them to take up some key safety behaviours (under a single banner of ‘Stick With Your Mates’). This will not be branded Travel Aware.

We will also be running our business as usual (BAU) Travel Advice messaging this summer aimed at all travellers, including:

  • Directing users to read GOV.UK Travel Advice pages, including checking the local laws and customs for the destination, and any entry requirements
  • Encouraging users to sign up for Travel Advice email alerts for their destination
  • Advice on keeping passports safe

How you can help

  • Create your own social posts using our assets and messaging guidance. You may feel some of our key messages are more relevant for your audiences than others – this is fine! Feel free to pick and choose!
  • Share, like and amplify our social posts
  • Use our campaign hashtags: #TravelAware for any of our campaign content, and #StickWithYourMates for Youth campaign content. (We’ll also be more likely to spot your posts and re-share, meaning extra promotion of your channels!)
  • Direct your audience to our Travel Aware campaign page and FCDO Foreign Travel Advice web pages wherever possible
  • Create bespoke graphics incorporating our key messages
  • Promote our messaging across your channels. Examples include email newsletters, websites, apps, blogs, and digital advertising screens (if appropriate). We are very happy to provide specific messaging/assets for your needs – please just flag your ideas to us

Who this toolkit is for

This toolkit is for all Travel Aware partners. It provides guidance on how you can promote Travel Aware messaging to your audiences.

Keeping British Nationals safe abroad is a shared interest for the FCDO and partners – as well as reducing consular cases, adequately prepared travellers will reduce pressure on customer services, insurance claims and travellers having negative experiences abroad.

Download the full toolkit here


Published 24 July 2023