New WTTC Report on youth employment

Travel & Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors across the world, characterised by part-time and seasonal working opportunities, and requirements for skilled and unskilled labour

As such, it presents great opportunities for younger people who may have difficulty in finding employment. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Travel & Tourism employs a higher share of youth workers (15-24) than the overall economy of the ten countries studied.
  • Canada is a leader in Travel & Tourism’s youth employment, with youth making up one third of all Travel & Tourism jobs, but only just over one in eight of all jobs in the economy.
  • The share of youth employment in both Travel & Tourism and the overall economy has marginally declined over the last decade (2007-2017) in several countries, largely driven by structural changes such as an ageing population, young people remaining in education for longer, and employers’ focus on retention rather than new hiring.
  • By employing and training young people, Travel & Tourism contributes to peace, poverty reduction, inclusive & sustainable economic growth and develops relevant skills and knowledge for the future.
  • Demographic shifts, notably increased life expectancy, and technological advancements, will further enhance competition for youth employment across sectors. In this context, public-private cooperation will be key for developing an enabling environment that fosters a talented workforce.

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Source: WTTC 2019