Trinity UK expands Summer Camps provision

English language provider Trinity UK has announced a new range of destinations for English Summer Camps

Trinity UK has rolled out a range of US Summer Camps at New York Fordham University in New York and the University California, San Diego in La Jolla, as well as two new centres in the UK at University College London and Brunel University London.

The additional locations, bring the total number of centres it is operating in the UK and US to six. Trinity UK are pleased to be running seven locations in Italy to offer a normal summer camp experience to students unable to travel to traditional study destinations.

Since beginning in 2009 at its Welsh location in Lampeter, Trinity UK has maintained a family-approach for its students and has run successful camps in Italy since 2012.

Trinity UK managing director Raffaele d’Apice said

We started them back in 2012, mainly for Southern and Eastern European students, and will surely be offering them in the coming years as Italy is a destination that all the world loves and also because the feedback from all our students in Italy has always been 100% positive.

The request for US Summer Camps has always been strong, especially among cohorts of students who have previously travelled to UK or Ireland at a younger age.

Our offers in the US, together with our interactive English learning lessons and our masterclasses on communication skills, prepare students for the future.

The City Explorer experience offers students the chance to live in the city they visit like a local, and live a 360° life-changing experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives

The company’s experience has allowed it to launch its own camps in the US, While previously they have operated its UK summer campus in partnership with other providers.

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