UK and New Zealand expand Youth Mobility schemes for young people

UK and New Zealand expand Youth Mobility schemes for young people

The expansion of the UK-New Zealand Youth Mobility and Working Holiday visa schemes takes effect this week, with the age limit rising from 30 to 35

More young Brits and Kiwis will be eligible to experience life-changing opportunities on the other side of the world thanks to the expansion of shared visa schemes between the UK and New Zealand.

The age limit for New Zealanders coming to the UK will go up from 30 to 35 and the maximum time they can stay will also be extended to 3 years.

For Brits wanting to take advantage of the scheme in New Zealand, the age range will also be increased from Saturday 1 July. They can now also work throughout their stay of up to 3 years.

Thousands of young people have already taken advantage of the Youth Mobility and Working Holiday schemes to travel, work and explore, gaining a better understanding of a new culture and society along the way.

The changes come as UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman visited New Zealand this week to attend the annual Five Country Ministerial and renew the close ties between the two countries.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said:

As close Commonwealth partners and members of the Five Country Ministerial group, the ties between the UK and New Zealand are long-standing, historic and deep.

The expansion of our visa schemes opens up opportunities for even more young Brits and Kiwis to make lasting connections, develop skills and use the life-changing experience to contribute – both to their host country and once they return home.

Sam Pass, Acting British High Commissioner to New Zealand, said:

Most Kiwis and Brits feel instantly at home in each other’s countries and we know the traditional ‘OE’ is a rite of passage for many young people.

That’s why I’m delighted we’ve expanded our visa schemes so more New Zealanders will be able to grasp the opportunity to live and work in the UK and more Brits will be able to enjoy a slice of southern hemisphere hospitality – forging life-long connections and strengthening the enduring links between our two countries.

Published 29th June 2023