Umi Launches Test and Trace Data Collection App

To assist venues re-open post lockdown Umi Digital has used some of the ‘off season’ while many of their clients were closed to create some industry-specific technical solutions to ease the transition back into running operations hotels, restaurants, bars and more

Umi Labs was set up as an internal department for innovation and has resulted in some exciting projects around voucher sales, custom Alexa skills, branded VR headsets and now we are excited to be launching our Test and Trace Web App to help hospitality businesses capture guest information as quickly and as securely as possible in line with all the government guidelines.

The goal for this project was to create something that would load near-instantly, provide quicker registration than writing down manually, avoid touching anything, evoke trust and transparency and most importantly, capture all the required information that the NHS might need when requested as part of the wider Test and Trace initiative.

In the space of a 3 day sprint, the Umi Labs team designed, prototyped and piloted as simple web app that captures all the information that the government require and securely dispatches this information to a database for storage for 21 days. An example of this app can be seen here:

All the fields are fully customizable along with the branding and URL for each individual business.

For speed of deployment and to have as wide a set if integrations as possible, we settled on passing the data via Zapier into an database of choice. Zapier provide a secure ‘connectivity as a service’ offering which allows our API input from the data collection app to be passed onwards into third party applications.

Due the flexibility of build, we would be very happy to tailor this to different situations and grow this alongside anyone in the BETA community that might find the app valuable!

Find out more about BETA member Umi here