Umi Digital partner with Tickitto to bring ticket sales to independent operators

Digital marketing agency Umi Digital and tech start-up Tickitto recently partnered to bring ticket sales to independent operators

This will allow smaller operators to connect the global ticket supply with the previously un-connectable event management systems and now provide a fast, secure and developer-friendly platform for travel tech innovators to build with. 

Harry Fielder, Managing Director at Umi Digital, shares that,

At Umi, we are super excited to announce a partnership with Tickitto which will bring the power of fully connected ticket sales to thousands of independent operators to facilitate ancillary revenue and fuel a better guest experience.

Tickitto is a one-stop-shop for connectivity to a world of events and tickets, allowing operators to offer tours and experiences from within their own booking journey, adding the benefit of owning the customer experience and data that is generated alongside it.

Harry Fielder, Managing Director at Umi Digital, believes that,

Tickitto are exactly the right type of travel tech business the world needs right now.

While the Tickitto team focuses on enterprise and large corporates, Umi believe there is a massive opportunity to get this tech into the hands of independent operators to enhance their product offering. 

The first stage of this partnership has been to create a WordPress plugin that brings the full functionality of the Tickitto API to any WordPress website allowing fully branded events modules from within the hotel website. We know that a significant proportion of hospitality websites are built using WordPress so it’s a great first step when increasing the adoption of this technology. 

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