Update on eGate Expansion

The Home Office have issued an update on plans for the summer eGate roll out to eligible nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States of America

BF Updated Wayfinding and Signage Non-eGates Following feedback from stakeholders, concerned about implementation during the peak season and close to the cricket world cup, the Home Office are aiming for the eGate expansion to now go live on May 13th.

Linked below is some information on passenger education that is currently being shared with ports;

eGate expansion signage pack which sets out the approach and designs for the new wayfinding signage being implemented across national ports with eGates and at those ports without eGates (who will see queue segmentation changes as a result of this change). These signage instructions are intended to be flexible, so ports can create signage that suits the passenger profile and operational layout of your port working with Border Force.

eGate expansion passenger education pack – there is a version for ports and carriers to reflect the different roles they have in the customer journey and the different customer communication channels available.  These packs include instructions to update the eGate eligibility and exceptions information which includes new animations, pre-travel assets and staff briefing information.