York’s Chocolate Story hosts Yorkshire’s only KitKat® Chocolatory®

York’s Chocolate Story is proud to be working in partnership with Nestle to bring KitKat Chocolatory to York, the UK’s home of KitKat

Launching on Friday 27th September 2019, The KitKat Chocolatory is a luxury experience where you get the chance to create your own eight-finger KitKat.

The KitKat Chocolatory will arrive at York’s Chocolate Story one of the city’s leading visitor attractions later this week.

At the heart of KitKat Chocolatory is the eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ option which offers different flavour combinations and a host of diverse ingredients including shortbread pieces, mini marshmallows, honeycomb and rose petals. You will also have the option to add a personalised message to the packaging.

The eight-finger KitKat will be hand-crafted at York’s Chocolate Story by expert chocolatiers where you can watch them work. While you wait for your creation to set it offers the perfect opportunity to experience York’s Chocolate Story.

There will be special edition six-finger KitKat bars at York’s Chocolate Story too.

The KitKat was created in York over 80 years ago, which makes York the worldwide home of KitKat.  Both the ‘Create your Break’ and ‘Special Edition’ options will be available to purchase at York’s Chocolate Story from the 27th September 2019. York’s Chocolate Story is a fully interactive guided tour showing the chocolate heritage within the city of York which is why the attraction was chosen to host the one of a kind KitKat Chocolatory experience.

Stuart Wood, General Manager of York’s Chocolate Story says,

“We are thrilled to be bringing KitKat Chocolatory to York and excited to be partnering with Nestlé on this new venture,”

Rabia Khan, Head of KitKat® Chocolatory for Nestlé said:

KitKat is our biggest brand and this is the biggest news for KitKat since the introduction of the KitKat Chunky exactly 20 years ago.

“We know how much people enjoy experimenting with new and exotic KitKat flavours and the KitKat Chocolatory offers a whole new, premium KitKat experience as well as the chance to create your very own personalised break and have it delivered right to your door.”

Now, with the introduction of KitKat Chocolatory in the UK, KitKat fans on these shores will be able to explore exotic flavour combinations at York’s Chocolate Story.

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