Start: 15 January, 2020
9:30 am
End: 15 January, 2020
11:00 am

Event Venue

Anglo Educational Services, Richbell Place, Holborn, London WC1N

Mental health can be a bit of a social stigma if we fail to talk about it and address the issues surrounding it
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Join us at this Mental Health Masterclass on 15th January 2020 to break the silence.

The masterclass is suitable for all staff and employees and aims to help businesses create a kinder culture in the work place and for the community of young people that they serve.

Research shows that mental health problems in the UK cost employers £26 billion per year

Leading the masterclass is David Beeney, a qualified Mental Health Counsellor, trustee for Mind and recognised as one of the top 101 influencers globally on employment engagement.

This morning masterclass will look at how we can create a kinder culture of trust where everybody feels confident to open up a conversation about mental health with NYGoodHealth without fear or making someone else feel awkward.

Learning outcomes:

  • We explore what it is like to suffer in silence with a mental health issue in the workplace
  • We improve our understanding of how employees learn to disguise their suffering
  • We look to inspire employees to be more open by saying ‘its okay not to be okay’ and to share vulnerabilities
  • We explore lots of ideas of how to create a kinder culture that drives energy levels and improves presenteeism
  • We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing
  • We look at how you can improve your own levels of personal resilience

As businesses in the youth, student and educational travel sector, we have a role to play, not only in the well being of staff and team members, but also to the many young people that we serve each year through our travel and education initiatives.

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