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What really Matters 2022

Tracking the motivators towards travel among young people throughout the Covid-19 crisis

This report outlines the findings from the third stage of research: gathering insight from Gen Z and Gen Y respondents in a ‘post-crisis’ mindset, to compare with results from prior to the COVID-19 crisis and during the pandemic’s peak (April 2020)

The results revealed a number of noteworthy changes in young people’s motivations for travel now, when compared with their motivations before and during the COVID-19 pandemic’s peak. Several of these trend shifts are relatively minor, but the study’s size lends them added significance.

Among the key takeaways for travel practitioners is an increase in demand for shorter getaways and private accommodation but, perhaps more surprisingly, a greatly reduced push for so called ‘party destinations’. Warm weather destinations are popular again as the world opens up, and the same goes for new and exciting experiences, but in a topical twist, Gen Z in particular is now more motivated to spend time with family and loved ones when travelling.

It’s also important to observe that general travel worries remain high. Communications with the public may require a level of reassurance, or acknowledgement of understanding, if they are to appeal to young travellers more

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