Crafted using natural oak, dark slate and calm inducing colours, Zedwell rooms have been styled for one single purpose.

Soundproofing, exceptional airflow and simplicity all play their parts at Zedwell. As does light. We know the perfect night’s (or day) sleep requires darkness. That’s why in society we heavily invest in blackout blinds, thick curtains and light blocking eye masks. It’s for this same reason we’ve removed windows from guest rooms in Zedwell hotels.

So in each and every Zedwell room, time doesn’t control light. You do.

Opening it’s doors February 2020, our first Zedwell we be housed in one of central London’s most iconic venues; The London Trocadero.
Holding in excess of 750 guest rooms, this flagship Zedwell will be one of the biggest hotel openings in the capital within the last decade.

Medium rooms house two double beds and can sleep up to four. Large rooms can sleep up to eight people. Containing four double beds, these rooms are ideal for groups of friends as well as larger families.

Our small rooms are ideal for those who like to sleep alone or share with just one other.

Zedwell shower rooms and bright and airy. Unwind under a Zedwell rain shower before sinking into your plush, crisp, comfy bed

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